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"Don't just work...Employ Your Gift"
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Our Purpose in Life
Work is not always about work and a job is not always what we really want to do! The idea is to give 110% no matter what we do.  Have you ever heard the saying..."if it no longer gives you joy - then GIVE IT UP? Well, there is more to life than sleep, eat, work - REPEAT.

Hi! I'm Vonci and I want to see people enjoy their lives. Not just professionally, but personally and spiritually as well. Every one on Earth has innate or God-given gifts and talents that they have not tapped into. When we continue to be miserable in our jobs and/or lives, not only are we missing out on the good stuff - we have yet to discover why we were truly created. 

Sometimes, we have a purpose within our job that we might not see. Other times, we are in working at a job because we have to pay the bills.   

Perfect English Development Solutions, is a faith-based Recruiting & Development firm designed to "Connect People to their Purpose" & "Employ the Gifts" that you were born with.  We want to help you discover your true talents and guide you to the job you were made for.  
I live to inspire others and since graduating with my Master's degree in Human Resource Management, I have truly found my calling in life. Recruiting and training others is what I am passionate about!  I have recruited and trained over 350 people at various companies and have loved every minute of it.  Let me help you find your new job, empower you to reach your goals, and guide you to your true purpose in life.

Are you ready for growth?

Vonciel M. English, MSHRM  Founder/Owner

"For the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable." 
-Romans 11:29 KJV
The Perfect Philosophy aka The Sunshine Creed

Be SUN in the midst of rain, PEACE among conflict, LOVE when others hate, and have the FAITH that gives you the POWER to overcome ALL that dares to come against you. 

​Vonciel M. English, 2017