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"Don't just work...Employ Your Gift"
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Perfect English knows that you may WANT another job but don't have time to look for one. We will give you an hour (for FREE!) of our time to help you determine what you need. 

Let us look for your next job. Our Perfect Search Plan is a low-cost, month-to-month option to help you get HIRED!  
Have you been looking for a job and getting no phone calls? Maybe your resume needs an overhaul. We want to present you AND your experience in the best way possible for the next job you get!
Don't have time to find the right candidate? Choose one of our unique Perfect Placement Plans that offers you the best solution for your business...big or small!
Bad hiring, low wages, lack of training, and inexperienced leaders are some of the primary reasons people leave their jobs. An outside perspective can help your turnover and boost your bottom line.
Our faith-based development solutions help you discover the foundation of life and what your true career calling really is. We offer free consultations, specialized workshops, life coaching and purpose identification that will encourage, uplift, and inspire you to go after your dreams. 
No matter what service you choose, Perfect English Development has the Solutions for both individuals and businesses. 

 CONNECT with us!
Do you want to help students, employees, or church-goers "employ their gifts"?  We are available for speaking engagements and even training sessions.  Reasonable hourly rates for any organization.  Connect with us for more information.