Do you feel like something is missing in your life? 

Are you still trying to figure out what your purpose is? 

Has grief, fear, or sickness given you a negative perspective on life? 

Are you ready to reach the next level in your career?

Perfect English Development Solutions offers:

  • HR Consulting 
  • Employee Training Sessions (Soft skills and Workforce development)
  • Group Faith Development Sessions 
  • "Inpowerment" Speaking Requests  

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the Mission
To help people overcome personal and professional obstacles by identifying their spiritual purpose and encouraging them to connect to their God-given gifts. 
the Vision
Empowered men and women believing with their hearts, conquering fear, doing the impossible, employing their gifts, and utilizing life's challenges to develop their faith in God and walk in their purpose.
the Coach 
Vonciel M. English, MHRM is an Encouragement Coach and Development Consultant who is gifted to help you do the impossible - personally, professionally, and spiritually! She started Perfect English Development Solutions, a faith-based Consulting & Development firm to help people embrace their spirituality and discover their true purpose in life. 

Throughout her life, Coach V, as most of her clients call her, experienced a lot of tragedy. While clinging to her faith in Jesus Christ and following her heart, Vonciel overcame her own griefs to help others deal with theirs.  A respected coach, facilitator, and mentor, Coach V knows her purpose and embraces her gifts of encouragement and leadership.  She has over 20 years of experience in people development in the health club, retail, and hospitality industries. Having contributed to the opening and mass hiring of 3 Dayton, Ohio area businesses she has hired and trained hundreds of employees during her career. 

Coach V believes that it's time to build your faith and move past the pain, heal from the hurt, and step into your best life! As her motto says...

"Don't just work...employ your gift." 
"For the gifts and the call of God are irrevocable." 
-Romans 11:29- 
the Foundation
Work is not always about work and our job is not always what we really want to do. The idea is to give 110% no matter what - but our gifts can get lost in our work. The gifts we have and the call or purpose that we were created for can't be erased or abandoned. 

No matter what you believe or what mistakes you have made, the purpose for your life still exists. You deserve to know who you were created to be.  God's plan for your life is irreversible. When you believe that, your life will reach a whole new level!
The state of the foundation we are building on is the KEY to our personal, professional, and spiritual development. 
the Services
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